What comes next?

I’m up at 12:30 just wondering what comes next.Some of my friends started  asking “hey what are you doing after high school” and to be honest I have no idea what I am going to do. My junior year is almost over and I’m terrified for my senior year I don’t know what I’m going to do. One friend asked I I was just going to “go with the flow”and I realized that’s what I have been doing all these years but that has to stop at some point right? I feel as if some people expect my to get far where other people don’t think I’m going anywhere.to tell you the truth I don’t think I’m going any where. I also don’t  know why this keeps me up or is as scary as it is.Is it because what i do next is going to affect the rest of my life.And that kinda terrifying to me because I always acted as if I knew who I am and knew more than I do. This one little question with a big impact made me think everything over again and question everything. I have no one to talk to about this besides some guy that’s a senior but I don’t know him well enough to ask.so the thing that keeps me up at night and that is the most terrifying question to me is “what happens next”?


(Late) Mother’s Day

I have not been on here for some time but I wanted to share what my cousin and I did did for my aunts and mom.i hope they had a wonderful day they deserve it.

Dirty Heads – Dance All Night

The Pursuit to finding happiness

This is a song that my friend Dan plays at his house all the time. This video is not PG it does have people drinking, smoking pot, and girls in bras. I know that it is not what I normally put on my blog, but I wanted to talk about this song and video. Why? Because I believe that in it shows how we as humans attempt to be happy and in some of these activities are happy. I am not promoting anything, so don’t take it that way okay? In this video it starts out with people walking into this house and there are drunk people everywhere. I was thinking were these people happy? Are they happy now? I mean there are many people who use drinking or smoking as a way to self medicate, but what about those others who just do it? The are happy right? When…

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Alternative First Premiere 5/6/14: Dirty Heads ‘My Sweet Summer’


Today’s Alternative First Premiere: Dirty Heads ‘My Sweet Summer’

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I am loving this one, definantly gonna be a HUGE SUMMER HIT it’s Dirty Heads‘My Sweet Summer’off thier upcoming 3rd album ‘Sound Of Change‘ which drops July 8, 2014 and you can click here to pre order it on iTunes. You can see Dirty Heads in Vegas at the Mandalay Beach Aug 8, 2014 (an amazing venue to see a show with toes in the sand!)  Check out the video and let us know if you’re feelin’ it…or not really. Thanks, MJ  

Tune in weekdays 4:20 Music Hit with MJ hear an alternative first premiere and win some tickets to cool Vegas events! All this week WIN:$100 Gift Card to Jewlers Of Las Vegas…only on X107.5 

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Had a good day. I spent all day with  my brother who drove In from CO last night.We went to pick up one of my best friends and saw cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.Then went to a ton of store for last min christmas shopping.


Batman vs. The Scarecrow



Batman meets two-face