Arkham Origins Collectors Edition Announced.

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Yesterday the Collectors edition pack was announced for the upcoming game, Arkham Origins. This pack is full of all kinds of batman goodies. It is truly awesome.


•An exclusive 9-inch Arkham Origins statuette, featuring light-up LED effects by TriForce

•An 80-page collector’s art book
An assassin’s contract dossier, containing info on all of the Black Mask’s hired help.

•Two Gotham Crime Lab evidence sheets

•A Batman wanted poster
Blueprints to the Batwing

•An Anarky stencil

•A Gotham City glow-in-the-dark map
Bruce’s family photo

•The 1939 ’1st appearance’ Batman skin

•The Deathstroke Challenge Pack – Play as Deathstroke in any of Arkham Origins challenge maps – also features two additional Deathstroke-centric maps & character skins

•A DVD copy of Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics – a feature length documentary, as narrated by Christopher Lee, exploring DC’s extensive stable of rogues (not available In Australia & New Zealand)


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