Losing my “BFF”

So lately I have been  feeling like I  only  have one bestfriend Which makes me a bit sad. I don’t know my other best friend i feel she’s Annoyed with me. I have known her for five years so it makeS me sad that she might be just fading away. I have talked to her about it but its like she tries to avoid it.thats all that has been going my head and I don’t know what to do about it.i feel I have known her to long to jus let her fade away .plus she is someone I really care about and someone I would do any thing for.but it just like she is not herself anymore.I have told her how I feel like we just don’t hang out anymore but she just told me that yea she sees her other friends but school is not a place to hang with friends and I don’t know it kinda just got to me.it was kinda like telling me yea I make time for every one but you ,so I’m just going to avoid her for a bit it makes me upset Because she is The one I trust the most and the person that I tell every thing.but I know for a fact my other friends are there now but  what about later.i really thought we were kinda be well friends forever but now I can only think the Opposite. So that kinda took my great week and kinda just flushed it down the toilet .where I thought I was really getting close with her once more and every thing was fixing it’s self she comes up with I “freaking” her out by walking with her during passing period.also about that guy well nothing much to say other than I’m thinking of just a little by little starting to talk to him and get to know him a little better .he is really smart and his eyes and hair and smile plus he is nice only when ever see him I’m like “yea …no” .so my people skills are just not that good.also I’m the last person that would be like crushing on a guy.but just him being there makes me smile like an idiot .i know no one really cares and if you do thank you a ton.that’s what’s been going on now and I just hope every thing for every one else is going better well sorry for typing a ton


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