Building a wall?

I just found a note in the bathroom left by my friend saying how she’s was attached with a pic of bat man =). But I still feel sad.and I want to tell her that yea I get picked on but I have built a wall so it dose not hurt me but with her my mom and my brother I can. I can’t build that wall because I just care to much .and that anything they say will hurt me the most.and it’s just I have known her to long and care about her to much to just let her fade away.buti can’t keep felling like this every time she starts acting this way but like I said I can’t let her just I’m really stuck here I spent all of 1 and 2period crying my eyes out.and with my eyes burning ,head hurting.I was so upset I could not focus and I failed a test.So I just don’t know what to do.and I know it dose not sound like a big deal but to me it is.Well anyways that’s what is going on.hope you all have a wonderful day


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