Had a good day. I spent all day with  my brother who drove In from CO last night.We went to pick up one of my best friends and saw cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.Then went to a ton of store for last min christmas shopping.


Lady Sif helps the kids

Comicdom Wrecks!

There are few things that celebrities do that are more awesome than taking time from their busy schedules to make the lives of sick children a little better.  In fact, if there is something more awesome, I’m at a loss for what it is.

Take Jaimie Alexander, for instance, who donned her Lady Sif garb from the Thor movies and visited a Los Angeles children’s hospital.

If that doesn’t make her awesome, I don’t know what does. has the story.

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Just my life

So every thing is going good so far.School is good home is good and I’m I have been wanting got go watch Thor for a long time and now I get to go.I am going on wed. and I’m like !!!!!!!!!!!but now it’s time to go to sleep (tv time?) well good night I hope every one has a wonderful day.